About Us

WEF Board 2023

Board Members: Standing: Jeff Fimreite – Webster District Superintendent, Jim Olson, Shawna Swendiman, Debbie Maloney, Dr. Ben McKinley
Seated: Jessie Schwendiman, Jen Hetfeld, Kenzie Gauger, Robyn Formanek, Wendy Larson
Not pictured: Erin Vogland, Devin Danielson, Shannon Grindell, Kenna Gall, Dorothy Morrison and Mary Nelson


The Webster Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to investing in our youth for the future by

  • Creating & supporting relationships between the community, the¬†school district¬†& alumni
  • Raising funds to provide learning opportunities for students, teachers & staff
  • Awarding grants for innovative projects
  • Awarding Scholarships


We will carry out our mission by focusing our support in the following areas:

  • Provide funds for enrichment activities
  • Encourage excellence through creative teaching
  • Support professional growth of teachers
  • Provide grants for creative ideas and programs
  • Facilitate community/school partnerships
  • Promote community awareness of school programs
  • Develop enrichment programs to address the needs of the Webster School District and the community it serves
  • Support student with small emergency needs when there are no other resources


Webster Education Foundation
26428 Lakeland Avenue South
P.O. Box 9
Webster, WI 54893
Robyn Formanek, President